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Back The Badge Giving Tree


Closing the gap between Community and First Responders

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Closing the gap between Community and First Responders


Back The Badge Giving Tree Foundation: a unique event that provides community members the opportunity to show their local First Responders appreciation and support. Simply put, an event for a community to say “Thank You” to the men & women that dedicate their lives to keeping their communities safe.

Back The Badge Giving Tree Foundation is a start-up non-profit that was founded in 2020, in the heart of Payne County in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We received an overwhelming amount of positive attention from California to North Carolina, from Michigan to Houston, and almost everywhere in between. We knew we were onto something special and moved quickly to get everything in order with the state of Oklahoma and the IRS to form a non-profit 501(c)3. The State of Oklahoma has recognized us as an official foundation and our 501(c)3 status has been approved with the IRS.

We are an Electronic Christmas Angel Tree event.....


In our first year, we served over 311 Stillwater First Responders including Stillwater PD & FD, PCSO, OSU PD, Lifenet, Stillwater residents with the OHP, & Payne County’s only Oklahoma Game Warden. In a time that the media and nation are calling for everything but support for First Responders we provided a way for the community to “hold the line” and “silence the hate” even for one day. To stand up and shout our motto “We love you, We respect you, and if need to be WE WILL protect you”

By nominating your town or city to bring the Back The Badge Giving Tree Foundation into your community you will help your community “hold the line” and “silence the hate” for YOUR First Responders. By nominating and being selected, you will also be playing a good role in supporting unity for all within your community.

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Here is a breakdown of how it works.

💲The max spending limit is $50 per First Responder. You do not have to spend this. Some of the best gifts are letters of appreciation and a $1 box of candy. If you buy in bulk and want to donate in bulk we will use this to fill in the gaps.

✔️This fall you can sign up to sponsor any amount of First Responders from the wish list menu option - this will be broken down by City & department. So, you can pick how many of each you would like to sponsor.

✔️Once you complete the checkout you will be sent an email that contains a PDF wish list for your choice/s.

✔️When you get your wish list/s you will also receive a corresponding tag number. This is how we will identify whom each gift/s belongs to. Make sure you securely include the tag number on all items when you turn in your gift/s.

💭You may not know the gender, name, rank, or any other identifying information of your sponsored First Responder/s. Only what they like, anything to stay away from due to allergies or dietary restrictions, and any information your first responder decides to give. We will not give out any additional information.

✔️Once your wish list is complete and ready to go, please bring them to the location as indicated on your wish list where our team will be ready to get everything sorted and packed for delivery. (If you are from outside of the selected community and plan to mail please let us know via email ASAP) please include your city, department, and tag number.

💥All gifts/items must be turned in no later than December 1st at 5 p/m. No matter what City or Department!

❌Do not deliver anything to the locations of your sponsorships. They will not know whom they belong to and will be misplaced- leaving your sponsored First Responder without a gift on delivery day.

📢 Lastly, for the safety of all our First Responders, no homemade food items will be accepted. All edible items must be in the original manufacture packaging. All items will be inspected before delivery. All items must be delivered without wrapping paper or tissue paper. Reusable shopping bags are acceptable and preferred.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦We encourage you to make this a family event - please consider including a letter of appreciation, your child’s artwork, anything you want to share with your First Responder. You will remain 100% anonymous unless you decide to include your name in your gift/s.

If you have any questions please reach out and our team is happy to help!

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Past Events

Past Events

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“What did Back the Badge Giving Tree mean to you?”

“What did Back the Badge Giving Tree mean to you?”

Sponsor's POV

"I have a son who works for Stillwater Fire Dept, and a husband who is a retired Trooper. This touched my heart that a business was willing to step up and organize such a wonderful event."

-- K.C.

"It was so nice to see light shed on my husband this year. He is an officer and I can't tell you how many times he came home last year telling me how much people told him they hated him. Sadly, there is one bad person in every profession that ruins it for others. The good guys are hardly noticed. This was the sweetest thing. I know this meant SO much to every single first responder. Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. THANK YOU FOR NOTICING THEM!!!"

-- Anonymous

"To be able to say thank you and not get recognized for a good deed or have them say they cannot accept because of the rules that are in place about accepting gifts. To show them they have our support not just today but every day. To us they are family."

-- Anonymous

"I was very appreciative, as my husband is a police officer. They've faced so much scrutiny over the past year, so it was wonderful for the community to come together to support our law enforcement and other first responders. “


"A lot. I have several friends and family who are first responders. BTB is a great way to show support for them in a time when they need it most. "


“What did Back the Badge Giving Tree mean to you?”

“What did Back the Badge Giving Tree mean to you?”

Recipient's POV

"Thank all of you so very much for putting this together. It is things like this that make me thankful to work in this community. In an age where First Responders are frowned upon, spit at, beaten, threatened (and the list goes on and on) it is our great people in our community like yourselves that bring hope to a world turned upside down. Thank you all very much. It is appreciated far more than you will ever know"

"Thank you for all of your hard work!! We love you guys!"

"Please pass on the many thanks again to all who made this giving possible. I hop e your blessings are filled these holidays with all the joy and hope you've provided over the last few days. Merry Christmas to you and your family."

"Thank all of you so much!!!! This is awesome! I can't thank you all enough!"

"Absolutely humbling to say the least on my end. I am so thankful for people like you all who put yourselves out there, subjecting to ridicule by some. You held the line for us on this deal. I am thankful, humbled, and so very appreciative. God bless you all and thank you very, very much."

"Thank you for all ya'll did for us!"

"Thank you for the hard work you did to make this happen!! You're efforts are appreciated by this EMT!!!

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